Alexia Jayleen | 18 | NYC | Aspiring Dancer | Model | Mixed


Frequently Asked Questions.

Name: Alexia Jayleen

Age: 17

Relationship status: Single

Location: NYC

Race: Dominican | Puerto Rican | Hawaiian 

Camera I use: Canon Rebel T3

How do i do my hair: Its naturally Curly 

Were do i shop: Amer | Urban Outfitters | Thrift

What conditioner do i use : Mixed chicks 

My favorite blog: Santini_Houdini

What type of dance do i do: Ballet | Hip Hop etc

Who is my role model: Laureanne Gibson | Aaliyah

What theme am i using: the link is on my sidebar

Do i go to tumblr meetups: i try to go when i can 

Do you do promos: No i dont , Nor do i follow back all blogs ( only the ones i like)